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Your Privacy and Optimization updates!

Data privacy is extremely important us at GateX. We’re hard at work developing our own proprietary monitoring and access tools in efforts to not share anyone’s private and personal data with third party companies. While most companies are okay outsourcing privacy and sharing data we are not. The industry standard of enlisting third parties to analyze data, therefore leading to the sharing of your personal information is a practice that should be stopped, and not accepted as a “normal procedure”. These types of practices and data sharing lead to major security risks, and the compromising of your data. We strive to ensure that we are not only respecting peoples privacy but also taking matters into our own hands and developing tools from scratch so no one’s data is shared while we do things like monitor access. Not exactly an exciting, or fun job for us, however we’re taking the extra step to protect data as this is an important part of communication at all levels. We don’t want to enlist a third party in this, we want peoples info being protected at all costs, so we’re doing the necessary and making our own protections! We care about your privacy and data!

On top of privacy optimization we’ve also taken measures to increase the performance of GateX through a numerous amount of updates to our servers, the logic flow, coding, and best practices to ensure a speedy and flawless experience. We have now achieved an “Under 1 second page load for GateX!”

  • Development of proprietary monitoring software.
  • Data privacy policy and standardization.
  • Multi layered security protocols.
  • Major server upgrades.
  • Major speed integrations such as CDN optimizations, coding upgrades, and logic flow.
  • Lightweight optimizations.
  • New high tier, and low impact standards for video playback.
  • Many more proprietary upgrades not listed to increase YOUR user experience.

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