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The Launch Of EducationX!

Hello, and welcome!

After a long development period I’m happy to announce the launch of EducationX. This has been a long time goal of mine, and something that I’ve looked forward to releasing for almost an entire year! With over 3000 hours of development time divided between video content, media design, course creation, concept development, testing phases, writing multiple novels full of my engineered science, and over 700 pots of coffee later…


Here’s a few things to look forward to in EducationX:

  • Multiple courses on technical analysis
  • Multiple courses on mental analysis
  • Mentor-ship
  • Progress based system to track your goals
  • Reward badges to see your achievements as you earn and unlocked them
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Assignments
  • Events
  • Live feedback
  • 4 different phases to track how close you are to becoming a professional Day Trader
  • Free and paid content

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