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Learn the Future Of Trading in this online course on becoming a Day Trader in the Stock Markets.


The full Future Of Trading online course helps you build the best day trading foundation as your first step in becoming a professional trader.

  • 46 Videos.
  • Interactive Quizzes.
  • Lifetime Access to all future updates.
  • Lifetime Access to new content added to the course.


GateX courses provide the highest quality education available in learning Day Trading in the Stock Markets. Become a Day Trader today!


22 reviews for The Future Of Trading Course

  1. charlie the chocolate (verified owner)

    The price on future of trading is worth every penny. I paid for the course with a few good trades that I would not have taken if I didn’t know this material. The course pays for itself with the knowledge gained and the future courses I want to take. Thank you so much c0tt0nc4ndyta for making this for us!

  2. vicentvega (verified owner)

    Outstanding course. The most impressive aspect is the clear explanation how/why/when the market moves. Spoiler alert: it makes 100% sense.
    The quizzes are very hard and for good reason since it makes you really understand the material if you want to pass it.
    Thanks C0tt0n for the dedication and your decision to teach trading as science!

  3. gatzby (verified owner)

    C0tton C0tton C0tton !!!! What a man, Honestly this guy is a genius and that is reflect on all in entire work. At the beginning I saw beginners course & advanced course, I was completely packed up. Then, I join is community and become a patreon member, that give me the chance to saw some preview of F0t. Honestly is at this moment I really understand what was going on here….. that stuff is completely crazy, if you think and find that beginners course and advanced course is good, F0t is just INCREDIBLE. When I buy this course I finally understand that trading is a science, F0t show you how this science work and how you can apply this science into the marking to constantly be a profitable day trader. Honestly if you are like me and want to become a profitable day trader. you have the opportunity just here with F0t. I will never say to much thanks you C0tton.

  4. c0tt0nc4ndyta (verified owner)

    A review from discord:
    Last Tuesday at 9:53 AM
    If you see technical analysis as a foreign language, Cotton speaks it as a native, and in FOT teaches us to become fluent as well. I have never seen anything that even comes close to the in depth and detailed knowledge that FOT provides. If you are serious about learning how to trade using technical analysis, FOT is the ticket.

  5. faluad

    Serious about becoming a professional day trader? Take this course…simple as that! Every single video will change your perception of trading and will equip you with the tools you truly need to become the Elite trader. The quizes are very difficult (so let me just put this out there) and so if you’re not the type of person who likes to work hard to earn the knowledge you seek, then forget it. However, if you’re truly interested in becoming a day trader and work hard to get there, follow the instructions, watch the videos (multiple times if you have to, until you understand every core detail). It all makes sense towards the end i promise you. The course absolutely pays for itself with time.
    P.S. Why are there so many people complaining about the price? How much do people pay to go to college or universities just so they can have a secure career or jobs? People put themselves in serious debts and student loans that they work for years to pay off, and then those same people complain about paying $4000 for something that can possibly earn them thousands of dollars at the comfort of their homes?
    Cotton, you’re the man! Everything I know today is because of you! Keep it up!

  6. drunktrader

    I believe the beginner and advanced course were meant to cut all the misinformation fount in 99.99% of the internet and show you just by drawing levels, trendlines and following trend, you can be a good trader. This course will advance on those concepts, show you the exact science behind them. You’ll learn why the trendlines and levels are there, what they mean and how to draw them to perfection. This is literally the set of rules by which the market moves. If you pay close attention to all the lesson, you’ll learn spots where everyone buys (increasing the price in seconds). Then, you can buy 5 minutes before and enjoy the ride. This course is not a get rich overnight scheme, it requires dedication and a LOT of practice. If you stick to all the principles, understand them to perfection, don’t let emotions run your decisions, learn from your mistakes, this course will clearly pay itself and a LOT more. It’s gonna be hard, trust me, but if you’re really motivated to do this as a career, there’s absolutely nothing better than this course available for us the mere mortals.

  7. gmac5284

    this is not a plug in anyway….but i want to say that for anyone thinking about getting the FOT you should. For anyone not thinking about getting FOT you also should be. Just getting through 25% of it and I am seeing moves happening so very clearly and almost can see every single move now before they unfold. FOT is making sense of it all. The Advanced course is great but not even 1% of the explanation and understanding and detail of depth of what I have gotten from FOT. To give you an example of how much FOT has improved my trading I am comfortable taking 100x leverage trades now just being 25% of the way through the course. other day I was upset with a 45% profit in 1 hour. UPSET WITH 45%!!!!! Imagine how great of a teacher he is for anyone to say something like this. That is how great of a teach Cotton is. The precision and accuracy that is taught is incredible…..there are no ‘bull traps’ or ‘bear traps’ or ‘market is making up its mind’ or being left to wonder why something happened. I can only imagine how much more FOT will help me when I get through the other 75% of it. Yes $4000 is A LOT of money….but for what you are getting it really is a joke of how cheap it actually is. Cotton is a genius….and the first I have ever seen willing to share his knowledge that 99.9% of people have never even known is a reality. By the time I get through FOT I will be trading for a living and I do not make bold statements ever in life for the sake of attention. I was nervous to spend my money and had my doubts, but it was one of the best choices I have ever made in my life. with how great of a trader C0TT0N is, he does not have to even teach people…i am not sure if anyone here truly understands this, that he can make more in a single day of trading than what the community gives back in a month or a year. i hope people realize the depth of what i just said.

  8. picklesda

    I have completed 25% of FoT at this starge and it is gold. The first 10 lessons have pulled a lot of the charting theory together for me and I feel much more armed to venture into these markets. It’s widening the lens for me allowing me to see what’s actually going on. If you’re on the fence about getting FoT then make the jump, you wont’ regret it.

  9. gulagcorner (verified owner)

    Cotton is a master. Learning from a true master was a chance I did not want to miss. He is a rare individual that has a complete focus and appreciation on every little detail as to why something happens and I believe this is part of what has made him so successful. When you get into FoT, it will become evident immediately that cotton does not need the money from these courses but charges a high amount because it is equal to the value of the content. It would be a crime not to do so.

    I can feel the amount of effort that has been put into constructing FoT and how it goes beyond the normal type of education that follows a similar content/test style. The quizzes have been designed in a way to complement each video lesson and to test your mind to dig deeper. They will force you to go on a sort of treasure hunt to find the most important nuggets of information that are hidden throughout each video that would not be found otherwise.

    Although I am only 9% through the course so far, it only took getting to the first quiz for it to hit me that I had made the right decision with this investment and I am grateful to cotton for what he has built. Thank you Cotton.

  10. Will (verified owner)

    The material taught by C0tt0n in FoT is world class, his truly next level TA will change the way you trade forever. Its insane how accurate you CAN be armed with this knowledge, earned from FoT. GateX is a one stop shop for anyone who wants to learn day trading a profession and FoT is the golden key that puts you level with the smartest minds in the markets. YOU will be the smart money. – The value of FoT is incredible, simply not an opportunity you can afford to miss. Thank you C0tt0n for the gift of freedom!!

  11. devotee (verified owner)

    Never before i was so hyped and excited about a course.
    to my point of view FoT is in fact one of the important step to take for all who want to truly understand what’s happening in the markets.
    C0tt0n knowledge is on a level i’ve never heard before and in the course he shares a lot of it.

    it took me a good while to make the decision of devoting and buying this course and i do not regret this decision at all.

  12. pedrozo83 (verified owner)

    Very good course, the content starts from simple concepts in which each lesson is built on the previous one.
    The course gives you a logical understanding of how the price behaves as a movement will develop,
    so that reasoning can be applied to understand the trade.

    Besides that the content is good, also the way it is taught is good. Cotton drills you with the concepts and tries to make you think and not act mechanically. Added to the above are the quiz that reinforce the theory and makes you question everything learned

    I totally recommend the course to anyone interested

  13. ilunaman

    Cotton’s training has been a game changer for me. I’ve been through several “educators” in trading, and although I may have learned a thing or two from them, it seems like every video from Cotton I have to watch 5 times as it is so meaty. He does a great job at jam packing in great content. You will never watch a video from Cotton and think “well that sucked”. You’ll be lucky to be thinking at all after his videos because your mind will have exploded. The type of trader I was before compared to now is very different. I love his holistic approach to trading (technical and mental). He is very dedicated to his students and making sure they have success longterm. We are all very lucky he decided to become an educator. Also, don’t be afraid to buy his content. I’ve made every dollar I spent on Cotton’s programs back and then some, and I know most the other students have as well. That is certainly not something he guarantees, but just shows how powerful his teachings are.

  14. dilbert (verified owner)

    Fantastic course. really builds on the knowledge in the previous courses, and fills in the missing pieces. I finally understand the market moves, and how everything can be explained. Wish I had found this information earlier. Absolutely essential course to gain the TA knowledge you need to be a profitable trader.
    Don’t get discouraged by the hard quizzes. its to cement the knowledge and I think we all struggled and cursed our way through them. 100% would inflict them on me again…

  15. flowguy81 (verified owner)

    The future of trading is the bomb! Cotton is an amazing guy, who takes time for his community and he really is changing the lives of those who want to jump and take education seriously and properly! I am at 60% of the course as we speak and everything makes much more sense now. I think it’s really great that you get beginners course and advanced course for free and the concepts in there are really great, but if you want to understand every part of the market and its moves, you definitely need to dive in deeper with the future of trading. If you are held back because of the price (I doubted very long to purchase the course, because it’s a lot of money) I totally understand, but I am starting to win trades more frequently so I will have earned this course back in coming weeks or months!!! Go get it future expert traders!

  16. pickles

    Best content out there. Every lesson breaks down a different piece of the markets that not many people know about. The content can show you accuracy to the dollar.
    If you are considering trading as a career then this course is a necessity.

  17. Weston.Dykman (verified owner)

    When I started taking FOT I had 0 experience. I had lost a lot of money before this. FOT has not only taught me technical analysis, but has also turned my account from being in the red to being back in the black. Cotton, this course is amazing! thank you for all you do. I continue to study every day, I put a lot of hours each night into watching FOT and the other courses. I have watched FOT twice now.. first time through it is so much information i’m not sure how to digest it all… Second time through its like lightbulbs going off in my head. Thats when i truly began to turn the corner on my trading. This course is amazing! but just like anything else, you have to put in your time as well.

  18. brill301 (verified owner)

    This course is absolutely amazing! It will open your eyes to understanding the reasons why things happen on the chart and allow you to start to moves before they happen. The course is long and the quizzes are tough for the purpose of making sure the student learns all the intricacies of the lesson. Once you begin to understand all the pieces laid out in FoT you will see the bigger picture and the chart doesn’t look so daunting and mysterious.
    I’ve been studying and applying FoT for several months and my trading has really taken off! I still make mistakes but the FoT course has allowed me to be able to analyse what went wrong and I have the knowledge to learn from my mistakes and improve them.
    If you are serious about trading you need some good education. Not only is Cotton a master of the charts but he is a wonderful teacher with a passion for educating others. The course fee will appear as chump change once you master the content and apply it to your trading.
    It was hard for me to fork over the cash for the course fee, but I sure am glad I did….worth every penny!

  19. hgcparks (verified owner)

    As a true novice to trading, I went into the Beginner and Advanced Courses with basically zero knowledge. I was blown away by the insight provided on these free courses, so I took the plunge into FoT. I compare learning trading to learning a new language. Beginner and Advanced are like learning your ABCs, while FoT will have you speaking and reading with confidence. Highly recommend for anybody serious about putting in the time and effort to learn this amazing skill. Thank you C0tt0n for your dedication to your students!

  20. lookmaimatrader (verified owner)

    Once I found the beginners & advanced courses I could see the proof that the Science works over and over again, right before my eyes. I learned an immense amount from the free information & It gave me confidence that paying for FoT could be worth it as well, because the free information was already unlike anything I was able to find on the internet. I was right. FoT is a supercharged extension of the Beginners+Advanced and takes your technicals to new heights. I feel it equips you with an incredibly accurate trading toolkit you will be able to utilize on any and every chart. It feels cliche to say, but not in any way inaccurate that these courses changed my life.

    The bottom line is If you are serious about taking daytrading to the next level, this course is a must. No questions asked. Goodluck traders!

  21. rogtech10i (verified owner)

    Outstanding course! FoT is a must have after watching beginners and advanced courses. Thank you c0tt0nc4ndyta for taking the time in creating this for us.

  22. plethora.viridis (verified owner)

    Straight to the point. Objective and concise information that will take your knowledge about charting on any market blow up.
    It’s a big gap between before and after FOT, that’s all I have to say.

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