The Butterfly Effect Course

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Learn the Butterfly Effect in this online course on becoming a Day Trader in the Stock Markets.


The full Butterfly Effect online course helps you build the best day trading foundation as your first step in becoming a professional trader.

  • 76 Videos currently out.
  • Lifetime Access to all future updates.
  • Lifetime Access to new content added to the course.


GateX courses provide the highest quality education available in learning Day Trading in the Stock Markets. Become a Day Trader today!


7 reviews for The Butterfly Effect Course

  1. flowguy81 (verified owner)

    If you are serious about being a top class trader, this Butterfly Effect course is something that will change your life. I started my journey with basic and advanced course which have a lot of useful knowledge but I still had some unanswered questions. After some doubting days I bought my first paid course, FOT and the TA knowledge is insane. The blueprint course gives you the practical answers for good executed trades. Still my hunger wasn’t over because I wondered why there was yet another course. I had already so much knowledge but apparently there was still more knowledge out there. I know I would regret it the rest of my life not knowing this knowledge and indeed this is beyond describable. This kind of TA knowledge is only known by a handful traders. It’s the course that explains every single move in the market. It’s the knowledge that let you take 100x leverage trades very comfortably and that’s why you can earn back this course in very little time. You have to see it as a temporary investment that is earned back very fast but what will change your life forever. We are talking about financial in-dependency for the rest of your life. So I ask you, how serious do you want to become a top class trader? Very seriously? Then don’t hesitate and buy ‘The butterfly Effect Course’!

  2. picklesda

    I’ve been trading for the past 20 months using C0tt0n’s educational material since the beginning.
    The Beginners and Advanced courses convinced me that he knew what he was talking about and I bought the FoT course as a result. I wasn’t disappointed. It taught me the how to do Technical Analysis properly. I was still making bad decisions however and was determined to get past that. I decided to make the leap and go with the Master Class and Butterfly Effect. The prospect was daunting, both from a learning and financial viewpoint but I made the leap and I’m glad I did.
    Trading profitably and consistently so is not easy. Don’t expect it to be so. I made many mistakes and still do but I make less and less costly mistakes. I watch the videos and review my notes taken from the videos repeatedly.
    The material eventually gets absorbed and the pennies drop one after the other. It takes mental fortitude and determination to stick with it and I can say now that I have turned that corner.
    The proof is in the trading. Out of my last 31 trades I have had 24 winners and 7 losers. The 31 trades have made an average of 25% netting me a total of 686% after fees. I’m convinced that this success will continue and increase as I absorb the remainder of Butterfly Effect. The final 23 videos have just been posted so I’ve a way to go yet.
    I trade in a much more relaxed state and trust my TA because Butterfly Effect has revealed the hidden details to me.
    The Master class also covers Mental Analysis and Procedural Analysis and these are in their own way just as important as TA. You need all three sets of analysis to succeed in my opinion.
    If you’re thinking of getting into any of C0tt0nc4ndy’s training courses then do so. I don’t think you’ll regret it.

  3. molibdenium

    After Future of Trading and Blueprint, could have been anything else? Yeah, this is really the final training step for people seriously thinking of trading as a career, covering concepts never seen before anywhere else. It’s remarkable how the science of trading is precise and works after you get to know the details needed to understand it deeply. Do not hesitate, it pays itself. Wish I had this available earlier on my trading career!

  4. kevingeerts

    As a software engineer (developer) I like things to be exact. I have had my share of experience with indicators and what not and just
    could not really make sense of them. I especially like the aspect of looking at the markets as ‘a science’.
    And does that science work? Well there are some pretty amazing pieces to it I must say.
    Will this course give you free access to lot’s of cash? Of course not as you will need to put in massive effort/hours of hard work.
    And do not forget the mental/physical aspects as I believe that this is my missing piece to transform myself from a break-even/slightly profitable trader to a
    highly profitable one!

  5. davel

    BE has been a very difficult, but rewarding journey. There have been many great moments of clarity and realization of deeper understanding of TA and does allow for a much better refinement of one’s trading skill set. Experience and time put into the science/art of trading is still necessary however; through dedication to extensively studying the material provided, in addition to taking the time to work through the charts on one’s own time in order to master the information in BE, I believe being profitable is an very achievable goal.

    Personally I still need more work and time to work towards my goal of being consistently profitable, but after the course, I can confidently say I see moves develop a lot more clearly and can see the reasons for why things happen in the charts, albeit sometimes in retrospect when I initially didn’t understand why something happened in the moment, so taking the time to go back and analyze it is crucial. As Cotton says, trading is the hardest game that can be played, but if mastered, can change your life – either as a little extra income on the side or the career change you’ve been looking for!

  6. dilbert

    BE is the next logical step in your trading education. it takes the info in the previous courses and expands and improves on it. You’ll learn how to take greedier levels to minimise risk and new TA & trend work to assess the state of the move. With this deeper knowledge the world of leverage trading opens up, giving much more opportunity for profits. of course using leverage gives lots of risk, so in BE you learn good spots to exit a failing trade to try to minimise losses, as well as key spots of success failure in a profitable trade. MA of course is key here too.
    BE expands your knowledge of the charts a huge amount, so i totally recommend the course, and feel people will get alot of value from it. I still have alot of work myself to do, but it has 100% made me a better trader.

  7. technique

    Butterfly effect is awesome. I’ve loved Future of Trading, because it established fundamentals, Blueprint, because it went into the mechanics of trading, and Butterfly Effect for the details.

    What I’ve really taken away here is the /precision/ the course gives me, and I can often take trades within $1 of the bottom of a move. When I step back, it’s breathtaking.

    If you take copious notes, practice your heart out, and review your leaks, this course takes your trading to the next level, purely from the charts.

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