Mental Analysis Evolved Course

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Learn Mental Analysis Evolved in this online course on becoming a Day Trader in the Stock Markets.


The full Mental Analysis Evolved online course. Mental Analysis is the piece that separates the aspiring pros from the real ones. This course on rebuilding your mind frame will put you in the elite class of traders, and completely rewire you for success.

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2 reviews for Mental Analysis Evolved Course

  1. drunktrader

    Wanna look inside the mind of the person who reversed engineered how the markets move, built a successful community, self-taught poker and passed 9 years of intense education? This course will give you an unique insight into cotton’s mind, and what is his believe system that helped him achieve all of those. Our thoughts tend to transform always into actions, so analysing and filtering your thoughts is the first step to success. The practical assignments in this course are awesome, they force you to really analyse your thought patterns and correct what’s wrong. From my experience, understanding the theory behind a trade is one thing, but applying it with high stakes bets is completely different, the emotions will run at you and will interfere with your judging process. Anything that makes you less emotional and more analytical in trading is good, if you buy this one you’ll see cotton’s “cheat sheet” for this. If you’re trading with large sums, this course will save you more than it’s worth, simply because you’ll not loose money based on emotional decisions.

  2. charlie the chocolate

    Mental Analysis Evolved is the best course on Day Trading there is PERIOD! This unique mind coaching is the single reason I now understand how to control my day trading environment, and my life outside of day trading. It’s no wonder most day traders fail as this is a serious consideration that everyone should have. Tuning the mind for success is as powerful as the best technical analysis in the world! This course is an absolute must for anyone thinking about day trading seriously.

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