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Learn the Blueprint in this online course on becoming a Day Trader in the Stock Markets.


The full Blueprint online course. Blueprint is the most advanced setups on taking trades available. This course will focus on extremely advanced formats such as 0 risk trading, advanced targets, and fragility just to name a few. This will take your trading to a new level and show you how to maximize profits.

  • Interactive Quizzes.
  • Lifetime Access to all future updates.
  • Lifetime Access to new content added to the course.






GateX courses provide the highest quality education available in learning Day Trading in the Stock Markets. Become a Day Trader today!

6 reviews for Blueprint Course

  1. charlie the chocolate

    The Blueprint is the perfect follow up to Future Of Trading. It has allowed me to learn the absolute best way to execute trades, and really has been the difference between taking decent and okay trades to consistently making incredible trades. My profits has increased by hundreds of percent since taking this course, and has made me a way better trader! Best course so far.

  2. drunktrader

    This is the natural continuation of FoT. In this series, you’ll see cotton analyse trades at a very deep level, using FoT knowledge as a toolkit. This course will help you pick the best positions possible, and moreover, force you not to spend time in a stock that flatlines (loosing opportunity cost). No matter how good your charts look like, at the end of the day all that matters is the profit for the day. If you seriously commit to follow everything taught here, you’ll pretty quickly get rid of the bad trading habits. There is some golden nugget in here for everyone, regardless of the trading style or experience.

  3. dilbert

    adding my ringing endorsement of BP. Its all about how to trade. the manual to how to use FoT. new ways to look at a move are revealed, how to trade profitably with least risk. key info from c0tt0ns extensive experience on how be a scalp, swing or position trader as well as ensure each trade is profitable. Addition non Ta info key to be a profitable trader. its all in here. Once you’ve done FoT, I highly recommend doing this course to learn how to use the info effectively. really really good.

  4. SotAdmin

    “The Blueprint” is the perfect follow on from “The Future of Trading” course. It teaches you how to trade using cottons science, for pure profit and zero losses, trade after trade after trade.

    There is no better education in the world for someone looking to become a professional trader, period!

  5. pedrozo83 (verified owner)

    It is a good continuation of FOT, it continues to delve into how to use what has been learned in FOT. Several topics are included that allow perfecting the way it is traded. I recommend the course for anyone interested in developing trading professionally

  6. lookmaimatrader

    Incredible course. Going through Blueprint feels like the cherry on top of FoT. In FoT you’re grinding out the technical theory and learning how to navigate the charts. Once you get to BP you dive into the waters of taking your skills and transforming them into tangible results. One thing for me personally I have learned over trading is that knowing where the price is going to go next is the easy part. Mastering yourself, mastering your ability to make correct choices, all the aspects of mental analysis and executing what needs to be done to make you cross the line into being successful… That is the challenging part and what eats traders alive. Blueprint will help you get through that stage, I can promise you that it is worth the purchase. The reality is you wouldn’t be reading this review if you weren’t already sold by Beginners/Advanced/FoT, so take the leap of faith.

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