Education Of The Highest Level

Learn Technical Analysis through a series of courses, quizzes, and assignments designed to be challenging and train you at the highest level of Day Trading. Not everyone will succeed as this is an exceedingly tough and thorough training platform.

  • Beginner’s Course
  • Advanced Course
  • The Future Of Trading Course
  • The Blueprint
  • Mental Analysis Evolved
  • The Butterfly Effect
  • Master Class & Mentorship
Learn Day Trading education on GateX
Refine your Mental Analysis in day trading and the stock markets

Perfect Your Mental Analysis

Unlock the full potential of yourself through the analysis of your mind. This will help you better understand why you make the decisions you do, and how to be in control. This is crucial in all aspects of Day Trading and life.

  • Psychological Analysis
  • Emotional Analysis
  • Sociocultural Analysis
  • Cognitive Analysis
  • Devices System

Learn The Science Behind Day Trading

Reverse engineered by c0tt0nc4ndyta has lead to the perfection of Day Trading through a proven science within the markets. This is the knowledge that less than 1% of traders around the world know, and the knowledge that institutions try to keep a secret.

  • Developed for over a decade
  • Mastered by c0tt0nc4ndyta
  • Institutional level 
The Science Of Trading Flask learn the stock markets
Day trading community for GateX discord, bitcoin, and stock markets

The Power Of Community

As a modern community in Day Trading we’ve made it a point to develop and nurture our growth as the best trading environment found online. Through a series of tools like Discord, leader-boards, quizzes, global commenting, community shared resource like study notes, and even events on YouTube we’ve created a healthy and productive environment which helps everyone at all levels succeed.

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