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In These Day Trading Courses You’ll Learn The Core Fundamentals Of The Stock Markets Through Our Online Education.


Educational Practice

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Welcome to Mentorship. In this series you’ll be able to watch and follow the world renowned c0tt0nc4ndyta! In this interactive series of live streams and events c0tt0nc4ndyta will show you what the day of a professional trader looks like every day while going through exercises, giving tips on trading, executing high level mental analysis, and using his famous technical analysis science live. Anyone can enroll in this series but those who’ve completed GateX courses in the past will benefit the most as it allows them to utilize everything they’ve learned while fine tuning their trading routines and analysis. This is an amazing follow up to the Future Of Trading, Blueprint, And Butterfly Effect courses, and for those who haven’t taken any courses; this presents an opportunity to build an account to further their career interests in Day Trading!

Who should attend this series?

  • Day traders looking to make profits on a daily basis.
  • Graduates of Future Of Trading, Blueprint, and Butterfly Effect.
  • New traders who want to build an account prior to enrolling in courses.
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