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Our mission is simple: Shine a light in a dark room by creating education and networks to empower people through GateX. The path to achievement becomes quite clear by using GateX (Give And Take Exchange) as a place for all to come and educate, train, use our tools, and refine themselves in Day Trading. We strive to constantly create the highest educational standards and support our growing trading community. We avidly work everyday because we want to solve the biggest problems in Day Trading.

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  • c0tt0nc4ndyta has created a Progression Chart for Day Traders. It can be seen here.
  • The difficulty of the courses scale from being intermediate in the Beginner’s course to challenging toward the final courses. This is meant to simulate Day Trading as a career. If you’re able to successfully make it through all of the courses there should be nothing stopping you from becoming a professional.
  • Refunds and money back guarantees are not offered. We don’t issue refunds as this is exclusive content not found anywhere else online, no guarantees are made that you will become a professional as that is subjective to your expectations, and dependent on your own efforts.
  • Trading View is used as it’s the industry standard.
  • c0tt0nc4ndyta, the founder and creator is a world renowned Day Trader. He is a proven master with near 100% accuracy in publicly made price predictions on major currency pairings such as Bitcoin for years straight. Great moments such as calling every single bottom and top within every part of all moves. He’s done the same on many Forex pairings such as GBP & USD, major NASDAQ stock pairings such as SBUX, TWTR, FB, and many others.

If that’s not enough you can see personal testimonials from people who have been taught by c0tt0nc4ndyta directly HERE.

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